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Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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Birds For Sale > African Grey Parrots > African Grey Congo Parrot > CA > Bird # 84047

Details for Bird ID# 84047
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  Bird Details: 
Address Napa, CA
Phone # 707-255-8833
Email cs@featherfarm.com
Website www.featherfarm.com

The Feather Farm
Bird ID 84047
Species African Grey Congo Parrot
Status Nesting
Price $65.00 Each
HatchDate 3/14/2014
Readydate 3/14/2014
PostedDate 3/14/2014 6:08:12 PM
Sex N/A
Band N/A
Quantity Available 1
Shipping shipping charges apply
Comments NO BIRD INCLUDED.the metal 'boot' nest box is reccomended for greys, pionus,caiques, mini macaws, conures, rosellas and aus. parakeets. this is the box we have the most success with all our greys. comes with inspection door and metal interior ladder.the large size is 24x24x11 and costs is $85.00 assembled or $63.75 unassembled. the medium is 16x16x8 and cost is $65.00 assembled or $48.75 unassembled.(snap lock pliers needed for assembly. you can add these to your order)shipping charges do apply

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Melzano's Parrot Place
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11/27/2014 Born
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88600 African Grey Congo Parrot
The Feather Farm
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8/12/2014 Nesting
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84047 African Grey Congo Parrot
The Feather Farm
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3/14/2014 Nesting
$65.00 Each NO BIRD INCLUDED.the metal 'bo...
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The Feather Farm
CA - We Ship
3/11/2014 Born
$1,395.00 Each breeder for over 30 years spec...