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Picture Of The Week

Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Sorrento, FL 32776

  Breeder Details: 
Breeder www.wingsbirdfarm.com
Owner Rejeanne Brousseau
Breeder ID 14275
Offers Shipping Yes
Bio Started in 1997 slowly as a hobbyist and settled into breeding parrots. The goal always been to produce healthy, fun and beautiful birds. Along the way I came across a surprising situation where two parrots of a different breed always wanted to be together or they'd scream so I ended up to give in and let them be together. These 2 birds moved in a teepee, the Female laid some eggs. They'd one see baby, then more. Now I have grand-babies, named Crimson Conans. Re: see web site page.
Last Active 4/28/2013
Forum Name toumie
Forum Moderator N/A
  Species We Breed: 
Hahns Macaw
Jenday Conure
Sun Conure
Peach Face Lovebird
Blue Headed Pionus
Quaker Parrot
Senegal Poicephalus