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Picture Of The Week

Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Conure Heaven

Germansville, PA 18053


Ratings based on a total of 18 reviews

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Customer Name: cheryl mayberry
pottstown, PA
I would defiantly buy from her again!!!
Customer Name: Mary
Carol is a welcoming, extremely knowledgable breeder. All her birds are loved and very healthy. A GREAT experience. We love our fiery shoulder conure, well adjusted, and so sweet. I highly recommend Carol!
Customer Name: jordan
, Connecticut
GREAT LADY GREAT BIRDS. Bought a baby yellowsided conure shes so sweet loves being with us adapted quick. Carol knows what she is talking about and a good breeder. I highly recommend her.
Customer Name: Brian and Diana
, NY
We purchased a turq. green cheek conure from Carol and we couldn't' be happier. The bird was seen by our vet who was astonished at how healthy and non stressed Lily is. The care that Carol shows her birds is amazing. We would definitely do business with her again.
Customer Name: Paul
Morrisville, Pa
Carol was the best. She was a great help when I called her and did answer back in short time. I did get a turquoise green check from Carol and him and I have a good bond even after 2 day. He fits right in to the family. She is very friendly and it was very nice to meet her after your emails and phone calls. She was very knowledgeable and was a great help. I can see the kindness and all that she puts into the breeding of her babies and the care that she takes and gives to them. Thanks for Rocky
Customer Name: Mia
Cleveland, Ohio
Carol is a fantastic breeder! I purchased a turquoise green cheek conure and he is incredibly sweet. Carol is very knowledgeable and courteous, and her birds are very affordable compared to other breeders. If I ever decide to add another conure to my flock I'll definitely go back to Carol
Customer Name: Rita
Thank you Carol! The 4 green cheeks are beautiful and arrived in great shape. Thank you for the special shipping crate, the birds arrived safely and were calm and relaxed. I appreciate everything!!
Customer Name: Leann
Scottsdale, AZ
Carol is very communicative, reliable, and knowledgeable about her birds. She answered emails and phone calls promptly and addressed any concerns we had. It’s obvious Carol puts a lot of time into Conure Heaven and makes every effort to see that her birds go to the right homes. Carol‘s follow-up has been impressive, like when she stayed up late to call us to make sure our birds had made it across the country and to us safely. Also, our little girl Conures are lively and beautiful!
Customer Name: Jen
Blacksburg, VA
Carol really impressed me. It's obvious how much she cares for every individual bird in her home. The nursery was very clean & her toy selection was great! Excellent customer service -quick response to emails, all of my questions were answered thoroughly, and she had no problem going out of her way to accomodate any special requests I had. My GCC is gorgeous, healthy, and very sweet. I highly recommend Carol and will go to her again if/when I add another conure to my flock. Thank you so much!
Customer Name: Cindy
Quakertown, PA
Great experience! Carol is very open, knowledgable and follow-up is excellent. Her birds are well cared for. Jackson is the sweetest bird and very smart. He is alresdy fitting in well. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Customer Name: julie
Pittstown, NJ
I recently purchased a YS green cheek conure from Carol. She really knows her birds ! I found her so helpful and prompt in answering all my questions.Her birds are clean and well taken care of ... that is why we have a beautiful healthy bird. I would highly recommend her !!!
Customer Name: Gerry
Boonton, Nj
Carol was very helpful with our choice of getting another green cheek. She had plenty to choose from.Her house was very clean and her personality as well as her birds was very warming. I would definately recommend her birds..
Customer Name: Rob
Totowa, NJ
Great breeder. Very clean and cares deeply for her birds. I purchased birds from her and the are great.
Customer Name: Beatriz
York, Pa
Was great meeting with Carol she is very welcoming and she has many very beautiful birds of all colors and you can see how she loves every one of her baby birds,thank you my daughter and are happy with our purchase Beatriz
Customer Name: Andrea
Inwood, WV
I purchased a male yellow sided green cheek from Carol. I drove 3 hrs to purchase the bird and would do it again in a heartbeat. She is an outstanding, knowledgeable and caring breeder. Her business is well run. The bird is an absolute delight, gorgeous coloring, friendly, outgoing and already trying to say his name after just a couple weeks with us. I HIGHLY recommend Carol if you want a healthy, quality, awesome pet parrot. I wanted to leave with more than just one! Thanks Carol!!
Customer Name: Gennie
East Stroudsburg, Pa.
I loved meeting Carol.She is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.Birds are beautiful and sweet.I will do business with her again in the future.
Customer Name: Ann
Philadelphia, pa
My family recently bought a conure from Carol & we couldn't be more pleased. Our baby Trixie has a very sweet temperament & loves to cuddle. Carol let us come visit the bird once she was weaned & spend time with her. Carol took the time to answer any questions we had about the bird. If I was to purchase another conure I would not hesitate to contact Carol again. There is a reason she is the conure queen. :)
Customer Name: Elmer
Philadelphia, PA
Carol the breeder of conure heaven was very knowledgeable and took the time out of her day to answer any questions we had. Her house was cleaned and her birds were well maintained also her birds were very sociable and well trained. We got a turquoise green cheek conure from carol and he is a very lovable bird and fits right in with the family. I would definitely recommended anyone whose considering getting a bird to look into conure heaven it fits all your needs.