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Picture Of The Week

Species: Blue Crown Conure
By: Thea's Parrot Place

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D and R Aviary

southeast Iowa between Cedar Rapids & Iowa City, IA State Licensed

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Customer Name: Shirley
Very happy with the communication with Dennis and Donna in regardsto cockatiel. Purchased cockatiel, very happy with the personality and choice. Donna and Dennis were both very nice to work with. I was lucky to live in same town as Donna to pick up "Sweets".
Customer Name: Karen
, New Mexico
This was a special baby taken to be weaned in Chicago to learn how to wear a harness and to be fledged to be a fully flighted grey. He's wonderful. Dennis and his hand-feeder are great people. A hand-feeder and trainer from Chicago traveled to Iowa to pick up the baby at 2 1/2 months, keeping him until weaning and training him for recall and harness wearing. Everything went very well and the little guy is doing perfectly. He went to a Halloween party last Saturday!
Customer Name: kelly
DeWitt, iowa
Purchased an blue front amazon from D and R Aviary. Not only did we get a very healthy and well socialised bird Donna and Dennis are great to work with and provided us with a great new family member. Thanks Donna and Dennis
Customer Name: Gladyce
My pearl pied was not only beautiful, but extremely healthy and strong. Dennis does a great job with these cuties.
Customer Name: Jessica
Nashua, NH
I was very nervous doing an online transaction, however D&R were wonderful and very knowledgeable. I received a very sweet violet Indian Ring Neck just as I had hoped. I was kept abreast of his development and any questions were answered in a thorough and timely manner. I would definitely do business with them again! I had my bird vet checked and disease tested, he received a clean bill of health. Thank you!
Customer Name: Lukasz
I really wanted to thank Donna for doing such an amazing job with my Indian Ringneck. She was quick to return all my calls and emails. Donna really took her time to answer all my questions and educated me with all the information I need to know. She was very nice and kind and i felt very comfortable doing business with her. I am so glad she was taking care of my baby girl Chelsea. I'd strongly recommend D and R Aviary to anyone!!!! Keep on doing great job Dona!!! You're the best!!!! ;-)
Customer Name: Christy
Crestview, FL
I would highly recommend anyone that is looking for a bird to purchase from D & R. Dennis and Donna are great and the Meyers Parrot I just got from them is just the sweetest little baby! Super cuddly and very friendly the first minute I held her! They also made the shipping process very easy, I was pretty nervous about it but the baby made it here in perfect feather and she didn't even seem stressed out.
Customer Name: Becky
St Louis Park, MN
On 12/25/13 I found D and R Aviary not really knowing what I was looking for. We had just lost our Sun Conures and had no idea the joy we'd find. Dennis replied to our email fast answered all our questions. 3 days later we made the trip to pick up 3 Senegal Parrots from Donna. She let us in her home and from the 1st moment we knew she loved birds. Hand fed very loving clowns. They are fun well behaved and very trainable. We feel like we made a friend and bird breeder for life! You 2 are awesome!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks for,the kind words and the love you will pass on two the birds we raised Donna is my hand feeder and does the greatest job taming and making lovable pets
Customer Name: Rachel
, Iowa
Thank you Dennis and Donna for taking the time to educate me on the Meyer's Parrot. We brought Mercedes home and he was immediately loving and playful; even lying on his back in our hands. Donna has done a fantastic job with our parrot; he is social, not timid, accepting of change, healthy and happy. I have never had a bird adapt so easily to our home. Excellent service and highly recommended!
Customer Name: Katherine
Cedar Rapids, Ia
Dennis was quick to return all my calls, answer all my questions with total honesty and very supportive. He let me come over and stay as long as i wanted which was over an hour to visit with Oscar. An African Grey and Dennis showed me how to hold the parrot and all that I needed to know. Oscar is a very talkative bird very beautiful parrot with very bright red feathers. I've had him for a year now and he is so funny. He follows me everywhere I go. It's funny seeing a bird on the floor walking be

Breeder Reply:
I knew he was a great match for you once he bonded you would be together always,you are doing a great job with him
Customer Name: Lucas
Mt Vernon, IA
We just bought a blue front amazon. This parrot is amazing! After three days it has really acclimated to our home and family. What a wonderful bird! Many thanks to the trainer, (Donna) who made this possible!