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Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

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Eggs-otic Parroting
 Verified Breeder

Camino, CA

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Customer Name: Ashley
Rancho Cordova, CA
Steve & Paul are the best breeders! The baby Eclectus we purchased was so friendly after he warmed up to us. He's in good health and has beautiful colors. The breeders are very knowledgeable about everything and they treat the birds like their children. They give the best customer service! They even gave me his naked baby picture! Ask them about their special bean mix, it's well worth the purchase for your birds health. I would recommend them to anybody, they are amazing!
Customer Name: andrea
wonderful to work with! smooth transaction. excellent via email, on the phone and in person. i'm totally in love with my new baby bird!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Andrea...so thankful for the positive review and good news on "the kids". You made this adoption soooooooo sweet..come back real soon!!!
Customer Name: Jeanne
Placerville, CA
This was our first experience with Eggs-otic and we couldn't be happier! We got the sweetest Rose Breasted Cockatoo baby from Paul and Steve. We were able to meet them as we live close and were able to pick up our baby. They are so nice and helpful and took all the time we needed to feel comfortable with our baby, and gave us wonderful advice. They're always available by phone and so patient with my "nervous Nellie" questions! To have a calming voice on the phone means so much!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks Jeanne..."nervous Nellie"...I never noticed! lol. It was a pleasure handing "Bailey" over to you. I know you'll love & care for him for many years...you're the perfect client!
Customer Name: Holly
, CA
I would like to give an excellent rating, I am an old customer of Eggs-otic Parroting. I got my SI Eclectus female Jewel from them about 8 years ago. She has benn a wonderful bird, gentle and serene, she is an important part of my household. I love the way these guys do the online "adoptions" I waslucky enough to pick my bird up in person as they live close to me. My bird is healthy, both physically and mentally and I attribute part of that to her wonderful start with Eggs-otic Parroting!

Breeder Reply:
Wow...this is a real treat! Thanks so much Holly...it's nice to know that Jewel is doing so well after all these years and it warms my heart that you took the time to write this review.
Customer Name: John
, TX
We got the most beautiful and sweet Cameroon African Grey from Steve and Paul. They have some how figured out how to breed cockatoos that look like greys. Chloe is the sweetest, cuddliest grey I have ever met. Every night she curls up in bed while we watch tv and insists on being petted for at least an hour every night. She is really a love. Thank you for this darling girl!

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Bobbie & John ! I'm really thrilled that Chloe has taken to John so strongly...and that you're just fine with that. African Greys do have strong opinions about who they like & dislike...and it's really the luck of the draw. I hope you have many happy years with Chloe!!!
Customer Name: Keith
Douglas, Wyoming
I purchased a Lesser Sulfer Crested Cockatoo from Eggs-otic Parroting. I spoke with Steve several times on the phone and he was very knowledgeable and helpful about his birds! I received my bird on time and in great health. She is a true sweetheart, Steve and Paul did a wonderful job raising her, she is very tame and socialized! She will be a great pet and new addition to my family! Thank you Steve and Paul! I will be getting another bird from you in the future! I highly recommend Eggs-otic!
Customer Name: Sarah
, Montana
Steve and Paul are totally helpful at every step of the way and you can tell they really care a lot about their animals. When Akasha arrived she was in perfect condition, nails trimmed, not a feather out of place. She settled in almost immediately and is a loving little goofball that enjoys to be cuddled more than I had thought any Eclectus ever would be. Two thumbs up to these breeders, who encourage continuing communication after the bird arrives - a big plus if it will be your first bird. : )

Breeder Reply:
Thanks so much Sarah...it's been a pleasure working with you too and to hear the details of Akasha's antics warms my heart. She sounds like a lot of fun!
Customer Name: Sandra
Modesto, CA
This is my first Eclectus Male. Eggs-Otic were fantastic! They kept in touch with me from the day my baby was born to the day he came home and continue to be there for me. They are friendly and knowledgeable. Also my baby is very well socialized and loveable. I hope to buy a female and Eggs-Otic is the only breeders I will buy from. I picked my baby up and was not able to go into nursery but I was fine with that because that means thy are careful to not spread disease and care about their birds

Breeder Reply:
Thank you Sandra O. We would be happy to place another baby from our nursery in your care. You have been so nice & easy to work with...and we're very thankful!
Customer Name: Erica
San Jose, California
I love Eggsotic Parroting! Steve and Paul were wonderful, and they answered all of my questions and gave me helpful tips! They let us pick up my baby in person, and made sure we all aquainted ourselves before taking her home, which I thought was wonderful! The whole experience was great!