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Picture Of The Week

Species: Illigers Macaw
By: Camelot Aviary

Newest Arrivals

1. Senegal Poicephalus
2. Quaker Parrot
3. Blue Crown Conure
4. Hahns Macaw
5. Ducorp Cockatoo
6. Black Cap Conure
7. Gold Capped Conure
8. Green Cheek Conure
9. Blue and Gold Macaw
10. Orange Wing Amazon

How To...
Easy Sprouting
Hand Feeding
Feeding & Housing Older Babies
Wacky Wings
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Raleigh, , NC 27603

  Breeder Details: 
Breeder Wacky Wings
Owner R Skaggs
Breeder ID 8619
Offers Shipping Yes
Bio Small hobby breeder specializing in New mutation Pacfic Parrotlets...Turquoise, Turq Pied, Turq Fallow, as well as all other colors, green/blue/yellow/fallow/pied/albino/lutino etc etc, also raise Green Rumps and mutation Green Cheek Conures, ie-Turq/Yellowsided/Pineapples/Cinn etc. Will also have baby African Greys . Shipping is available out of RDU intl.
Last Active Today @ 7:18 AM
Forum Name rvartpots4me
Forum Moderator N/A
  Species We Breed: 
African Grey Congo Parrot
Blue Front Amazon
Yellow Naped Amazon
Goffin Cockatoo
Rose Breasted Cockatoo
Hahns Macaw
Hybrid Macaw
Noble Macaw
Black Cap Conure
Blue Crown Conure
Brown Throat Conure
Cherry Head Conure
Crimson Bellied Conure
Dusky Conure
Gold Capped Conure
Green Cheek Conure
Half Moon Conure
Jenday Conure
Mitred Conure
Patagonian Conure
Peach Front Conure
Red Fronted Conure
Rosiefrons Conure
Sun Conure
White Eye Conure
Black Headed Caique
White Bellied Caique
Red Sided Eclectus
Solomon Island Eclectus
Vosmaeri Eclectus
Red Rumped Parakeet
Ringneck Alexandrine Parakeet
Ringneck Indian Parakeet
Celestial (Pacific) Parrotlet
Green Rump Parrotlet
Spectacle Parrotlet
Blue Headed Pionus
Quaker Parrot
Meyers Poicephalus
Red Belly Poicephalus
Senegal Poicephalus